Grade 7 Math

Grade 7 (All topics)

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Rational Numbers
   Understanding Rational Numbers
   Simplifying Rational Numbers
   Rational Numbers Lying Between Two Rational Numbers
   Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers
   Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers
   Representation of Rational Numbers on the Real Line
   Comparison of Rational Numbers
   Equivalent Rational Numbers
   Standard Form of a Rational Number
   Word Problems on Rational Numbers
   Introduction to Integers
   Representation of Integers on a Number Line
   Successor and Predecessor of an Integer
   Comparing Integers
   Number of Integers Between Two Given Integers
   Absolute Value of an Integer
   Operations on Integers
   Identifying Like and Unlike Fractions
   Unit Fraction
   Proper, Improper and Mixed Fractions
   Equivalent Fractions
   Simplest Form of a Fraction
   Comparing Fractions
   Operations on Fractions
   Introduction to Decimals
   Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
   Conversion of Metric Units Using Decimals
   Relate Decimals and Fractions
   Ordering Decimals
   Comparing Decimals
   Equivalent Decimals
   Like and Unlike Decimals
   Expanded Form of Decimal Numbers
   Place Value Chart
   Reading a Decimal Number
   Multiplication and Division of Decimals
Ratio and Proportion
Unitary Method
   Problems on Direct Variation
   Problems on Inverse Variation
   Percentage of a Quantity
   Solving Expressions involving Percentages
   Word Problems on Percentage
Profit and Loss
   Terms Related to Profit and Loss
   Problems on Finding the Gain/Loss and Gain%/Loss%
   Problems on Finding the SP of the Article
   Problems on Finding the CP of the Article
   Problems on Finding the Number of Articles
Simple Interest
   Problems on Calculating the Simple Interest
   Problems on Calculating the Rate Percent
   Problems on Calculating Time Period
   Problems on Calculating the Principal
   Introduction to Exponents
   Standard Form of Small Numbers
   Standard Form of Large Numbers
   Finding the Unknown from the Given Exponential Equation
   Word Problems on Exponents
   Laws of Exponents
   Solving Expressions Involving Exponents
   Express Rational Numbers in Exponential Form
   Exponent of a Rational Number
   Expanded Form of Large Numbers
Algebraic Expressions
   Variables and Constants
   Types of Algebraic Expressions
   Operations on Algebraic Expressions
Linear Equations in One Variable
   Solving Linear Equations by the Method of Transposition
   Word Problems Based on Linear Equations
   Standard Units of Area
   Area and Perimeter of a Square
   Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle
   Area of 4 Walls of a Room
   Area between Two Rectangles
   Area and Perimeter of Triangles
   Area and Perimeter of Parallelogram and Rhombus
   Circumference and Area of a Circle
   Area Enclosed Between Two Different Shapes
   Lines and Angles
Reflection and Rotational Symmetry
   Linear Symmetry
   Rotational Symmetry
Three-Dimensional Shapes
   Identifying 3-D Shapes
   Faces, Edges and Vertices of 3-D Shapes (Cuboid, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, and Sphere)
   Net of a 3-D Shape
Data Handling
   Tabular Representation of Data
   Mean, Median, and Mode
   Bar Graphs
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